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Several times, our church has taken food and necessities to Berkeley to those in need. For more information or to volunteer, call the church office or Troy Swauger.

11/20/14 - A homeless couple existing in Berkeley’s notorious Peoples’ Park asked the Berkeley Outreach team last Sunday to pray for them in the midst of their circumstances. In addition to living amongst the predator world of junkies, alcoholics and the mentally challenge who dominate the park located in the heart of Berkeley next to the university, the couple are expecting their first baby. Last weekend, FCC handed out more than 60 lunches and bottled waters to the men and women of the park. Begun nearly three years ago as a bi-monthly volunteer effort and continuing today, FCC presents gifts from God’s servants to those adrift in sin and corruption. Sack lunches of peanut-and-jelly sandwiches, fruit, cookies and pairs of socks were handed out until supplies ran out. The ministry’s overarching goal is to respond to the command that we love one and another. When the opportunity presents itself, team members pray for those who recognize their need for a savior and the glorious future that waits those of us who accept the ultimate sacrifice made by our Lord.

11/18/13 - The outreach effort to Berkeley last week handed out nearly 75 bagged lunches, bottles of water and fresh pairs of socks to homeless men and women existing on the fringe of society. Many of the people who live in the park fight a losing battle against the consequences of drug and alcohol abuse. On Sunday, a UC Berkeley student tent fair brought hundreds of outsiders into the park and complicated the outreach effort but didn’t squelch it. Pushed back to the edges and corners of the park, the homeless appeared to alternate between ignoring the face painting booths and raffle tosses to barely holding back resentment at the students. The park’s notorious reputation might have mellowed a little, lingered as today’s park inhabitants have turned away from the political activism of the 1960s but not the disdain for the law. Drug abuse can be seen throughout the park. But as troubling as it appears, the outreach program sees fertile ground to bring God’s message. Handing out lunches and offering a kind word can sometimes lead to more. And when we can stand in prayer with one or two of the homeless, the hope is realized. Berkeley outreach began several after a Faith Community Church member saw a need. A core group travels every other month, led by Pastor Kile, to deliver lunches and toiletries. Much of the effort’s success is due to volunteers who donate food for the giveaways and then come to the church to help make as many peanut butter sandwiches as the supplies allow.